Dr Sarah Walton

Dr Sarah Walton

Counterpoint was set up in 2003 by Dr Sarah Walton to advise and support organisations to become digital. Digital requires cultural change. She loves helping organisations innovate and grow.

She works on the cutting edge of digital with cognitive computing, AI, VR and digital identity as well as running programmes to kick off new stuff. She’s also an agile coach and has mentored start up entrepreneurs and civil servants.

Sarah set up a dot com in 1994 with digital text guru Frode Hegland. They went to Silicon Valley and learnt a lot about digital. Doug Engelbart (co-inventor of the internet) was on their management team and Ted Nelson (inventor of hypertext) was a strong supporter of their first company.

She also runs innovation retreats called “Innovate in the Jungle” for teams to get away from the office and think out of the box. They are usually run in Asia but can be run anywhere. 

Sarah continues to speak at industry & academic events and Counterpoint is a member of the Open Identity Exchange.

Email Sarah@soulwriting.co

She was honoured to be on the line up with Vint Serf, cocreator of the internet and Dame Wendy Hall at Future of Text Symposium at Southampton University


In 2018 Sarah spoke as an independent consultant about Digital Identity at the following events (she also represented client brands at a number of other digital conferences).

Think Digital for Government: https://www.thinkdigitalidentityforgovernment.com

Women in Identity: https://womeninidentity.org